Resume - Work

SAG /Aftra

Height: 5’5”
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue

The O’Agency

Title Part Director
Independence Day Resurgence Reporter Roland Emmerich, Dir.
Gold CNN News Anchor Stephen Gaghan, Dir.
Spare Parts Tampon Lady Sean McNamara, Dir.
Odd Thomas Barefoot Mom Stephen Sommers, Dir.
MacGruber Cunth’s Daughter Jorma Taconne, Dir.
Stump Natalie Alex Gianopoulos, Dir.
L’americano Mrs. Douglas Dominic Garcia, Dir.
The Proxy Katie JT Cangialosi, Dir.
Cannibless Gracie JT Cangialosi, Dir.
Date Doctor Christina Hanah McPhearson, Dir.
Unspoken Cadence Rick Meyer, Dir.
Wildhogs Sorority Girl Walt Becker, Dirr.
Army of the Dead Alicia Joseph Conti, Dir.
Title Part Network/Director
Graves Co-Host EPIX
Longmire Reporter A&E
Killer Woman Corrine ABC
Vegas Office Worker CBS
In Plain Sight Hot Blond USA Network
The Odds Brunette Call Girl Jeff Wadlow, Dir.
Naked Trailers TV Host Reelzchannel Hubbard Broadcasting
Husband for Hire Cheesy Mall Chick Kris Isacsson Dir.
Wildfire Monica Lion’s Gate Entertainment
Good Day New Mexico TV Host NBC- KOB Channel 4
My Network TV VJ Tom Meyer, Producer
EXTRA Las Vegas Correspondent Steve Weiser, Producer
Platinum Lifestyles Host Wayne Barell, Dir.
Available Upon Request
BA in Journalism Mass Communications
Greg Serano Scene Study Actor
Lee Ann Powers Organic Acting/Auditioning Producer/Actor
Zora DeHorter Scene Study/Cold Reading Casting Director
Mark Teschner Auditioning Casting Director