Meet Kristen Ortiz

New Mama: Kristen Ortiz (front & center)!

Name: Kristen Ortiz
Hometown: Santa Fe, NM
Occupation: Hairstylist


Describe your sense of style. I would definitely say my sense of style is very versatile. I like stepping out of the box and switching up my look, it can vary from simple and casual to edgy and over the top!

Describe the outfit your wearing (the one from the photo shoot). I wanted to wear an outfit that would be easy to dress up or down. I feel like I went more with dressing it up with wearing heels and dressing up my hair with soft waves. I'm wearing some black faded skinny jeans (maternity jeans from H&M), A blush pink sweater with a backless detail (from Tobi), nude suede heels (Steve Madden), black leather jacket (express) and a black leather Gucci handbag.


What first got you interested in clothes/fashion/styling? Well, honestly it all started as far as I can remember! I have an older sister so she is who I got most of my style inspiration from in the beginning.

As a kid or teen my fashion style was___________.  My Fashion style as a teen was probably on the preppy side. I was VERY matchy. If I was wearing a bright yellow shirt you bet I was probably wearing bright yellow foam flip flops to match! I also tried to copy styles from all the posters and magazine pictures stapled on my wall like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Lizzie Mcguire, etc.


First memories of shopping or styling an outfit? As long as I can remember I would LOVE back to school shopping! My mom would make me take all the tags off and put all my clothes away before Dad got home so he wouldn't know how much we bought. I would always do a fashion show of all the outfits (well...not all) ! I would probably say my very first memory of styling my very first outfit was in 5th grade. I remember this particular rainbow striped shirt with a black zipper in the front. I would wear that shirt every chance I got!

Who are your fashion icons? I would say my most current fashion icons would simply just come from style/makeup bloggers. I love Jaclyn Hill, Alyson Haley, and Becky Hillyard.

What celebrities style/wardrobe do you wish you could steal? I'm not really a Kardashian fan but let's get real I would take any of their wardrobes!

Favorite places to shop (stores/online)? Nordstrom, J Crew, Zara, Target, H&M, and Tobi (online).


Brands you loved wearing while preggers? My favorite maternity wear was ASOS! Very trendy clothing for being maternity wear and super affordable. Some maternity pieces were also good postpartum/nursing wear. The sizing can run a little small because it's all Euro sizing. All ASOS returns are free although I never had to make any.





Nursing brands you love? Now that I'm nursing I still wear a lot of my ASOS clothing and some Target brands, that have easy access clips for nursing. So happy maternity wear has come along way. I always got compliments on how my clothes didn't look like maternity wear!



Favorite luxury item? I would say my handbags.

Favorite jeans? I Love Rag and Bone but now that I am pregnant I have been loving H&M Maternity jeans.

Favorite accessory? Aside from Jewelry, I would say my handbags.

Favorite purse? My small cross body Gucci bag. Goes with everything and is just big enough to carry what you need!

Favorite shoes? I would say my gold Christian louboutins.


Favorite brand and why? I would have to say Zara. You can almost find anything that's on trend and always reasonably priced!

Best fashion advice you've ever received? My Mom always says it's better to be over dressed than under!

Item you wish Santa would bring you this year? A new pair of boots that happen to have red bottoms! ;)



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