Get organized today!

Do you find yourself going in circles? The simple task of making your bed can lead to a productive day!

ARE YOU A NEAT FREAK OR A HOT MESS? OR SOMEWHERE IN BETWEEN? See how this husband and wife make it work.

I'm definitely not a neat freak but I wouldn't call myself a hot mess either. Maybe it's a libra thing and I fall somewhere in between. I like things clean and picked up but I'm not going to stress if it's been a crazy week and things aren't exactly where they should be. But let's get it together. Make your bed. Don't leave your dirty clothes on the floor--it's a 2 second walk to the hamper!

This post was inspired by two of our friends, husband and wife, Warren and Julia Ellis. Julia was out of townand it was impromptu, but with a few other friends after dinner, we ended up at their loft. We walk in and it's immaculate. Even the mood lighting was perfect! And this is a husband on a solo weekend. What guy does that?! Good job Warren!

The two of them were kind enough to help us "not so organized" with some of their go to tips and products they love! Thanks guys!



What are your best tips to staying organized? Declutter by getting rid of stuff that is not being used. We probably take a bag of clothes/household items to a local thrift store once a month.


Do you have a junk drawer? How often do you clean it? YES! To be honest, 2 times a year, Warren would every week if I let him but I get worried he will throw something handy away!


Have you always been super organized?  No way. My closet has always been a mess, it is something I still struggle with keeping tidy.


What led you to being organized?  Living with my husband, because I know it makes him happy.


What do you do if the house is a mess?  It never gets too messy because we are constantly maintaining. We typical clean every sunday and split up the duties by what we dislike the most. I do not like mopping, so he mops, he doesn't like cleaning the shower or toilets so I do those.


What helps you keep your house clean or organized?  Staying on top of it and cleaning throughout the week. I am so lucky to have a husband that participates (understatement) in household duties, otherwise with both of our full time schedules there is no way our house could stay clean.


Favorite product to help you stay organized?  Since we live in a loft, I do not have much cabinet space, so I love these make up organizers. Similar one here.

Favorite cleaning product?

We do a lot of cooking, I love this liquid cleanser for my pots, pans and stovetop. Keeps them nice and shiny. We also swear by investing in a steam mop if you have hard floors, it kills the bacteria and is way most cost effective then the swifter wet jets.

Final thoughts:

For Someone who really does want to get organized:
1)Go through everything you have and get rid of stuff that you do not need/want.RECYCLE & DONATE!

2)Make a space for everything that you have, so when you need it you know where to find it.

3) Clean as you go, if you spill something wipe it up right away!

4) Split up the work and delegate tasks between family members

5) Do not overstock! Even though the sale at the grocery store might sound like a good idea, purchase what you need that week, otherwise you will end up with a pantry full of expired food.



 What are your best tips to staying organized? 

1) Put everything back where you originally found it, you know that thing that your parents should have taught you to do. First, everything has to have a "place" and once it does after use it should return there. Organization seems like a daunting task, but once you have a system and have committed to it, it is a huge time saver.

2) Have a filing cabinet for paperwork, even though mail is coming less and less, it is still vital to keep records and paperwork filed and separate for easy use.

3)Don't be lazy

4) Don't say you want to be organized if you dont want to be organized.

Do you have a junk drawer? How often do you clean it?

My wife has a junk drawer, I do not. I have a miscellaneous drawer and it should be looked at monthly. 


Have you always been organized?

Yes. There is something very peaceful and calming about organization.


What led to you being super organized?

I do not know the answer to this, I think it is just in my nature. My parents have never asked me to clean my room, pick up things, put things away, etc. As young as I can remember the first thing I did when I woke up was make my bed.


What do you do if your house is a mess?

I stress about it all day long, then the first available time that I have I clean it. Typically this is not an issue, I have a pretty decent system for doing small cleaning jobs daily and typically on Saturday mornings I do a major clean.


Favorite Product to stay clean and organized?

Clean: Dyson Vacuum & a lot of clorox wipes!

Organized: Seperate closets, file cabinet & paper shredder.


What advice to give those who want to get organized?

If you truly want to be organized and have an idea of how to do it, schedule time to put effort into it. If you do not know where to begin hire a professional to help you. Believe it or not there are professional organization managers.


I stress out when someones house is this way, I tend to gravitate toward the part of the house that is the most clean/organized. I also know that this is not typical behavior.


Warren's Final Thought:

Everybody has a different idea of what is clean and what is organized. If sharing space with someone, you cannot impose "your way" on everyone. If you are like me who is a little over the top with it, you have to communicate to (spouse/roommate/officemate) that if you clean up after them; it is a me thing not a them thing. Also if you are OCD about cleanliness/organization you cannot be upset if you are doing more than the others around you. If you treat it this way and communicate they are going to be way more inclined to help you!


These two are definitely on top of it when it comes to cleanliness and staying organized. They have full time jobs, they volunteer, they're parents to...Nate....DAWG. It's again one of the those things: If it's important to you--you'll find the time. If not, you'll find an excuse!


Thanks Ellis Fam for helping with this post! xo Casey


What are your go to tips for keeping your house clean and staying organized? I wanna know! @caseymesser

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