One of the perks of hosting a morning lifestyle show like Good Day New Mexico--ALL the amazing people you meet and interview. I wanted to highlight some of my fave!

First, what makes for a great interview? Because with the good comes the bad and the terribly awkward. I say it all the time--don't send me the President and CEO of the company to interview (sure that looks good on paper) but they don't generally make for a great interview. Instead, send me the class clown of the office. There's one in every office. Who is the one person always making everyone laugh--that's who I want to interview. 

Okay, back to tips for a great interview--they're energetic! When they speak you can't help but be intrigued and hang on EVERY WORD--soaking it all in. Second, they talk to you as if you're a friend catching up over Sunday brunch--it's fun, it's laid back. These people are experts in their fields but they don't come across cocky or as if they know more than you.

And a last tip....I constantly remind folks, this is TV. We're not curing cancer. It's just television. Kick back, relax--don't take yourself too seriously. It's more fun that way!


Some of my favorite FUN, FAB, FEMALES:


Katie Linendoll - Tech Expert, TV Personality

I've interviewed Katie probably a dozen times via satellite on Good Day and she nails it. Every. Time. And I really mean she nails it--she always has fab nail art! From Star Wars to Supermario Brothers to Easter Eggs! Whatever the season or theme she's tuned in. Last time we spoke about laptops...her nails were clouds as in the iCould storage. She's a genius. 

She's high energy, a fast talker and completely knowledgeable about all things tech. She always makes it a great interview! 

 Instagram: @katielinendoll



Raina Seitel - Journalist. Host. Mother.

One look at this blonde bombshell and there's no wonder why she's in front of the camera. Raina looks like she belongs on the stage of the Miss USA pageant-- but this girl is so much more than looks. Graduating Cum Laude from Tulane University Raina has extensive experience at CNN, ABC and NBC. And she's interviewed everyone from Bill Clinton to Brad Pitt. Needless to say smarts and looks and she's just as pretty on the inside. She's fun to interview--we always love having her on Good Day


Instagram: @rainaseitel


Ereka Vetrini - TV Host, Lifestyle Expert, Brand Spokesperson & BUSY MOM!



Ereka. Vetrini. I want to be best friends with this woman! She speaks to you as if you are a best friend. Full of life and energy! She's always sharing great tips for party hosting, products for your kids, a great new cleaning product. And she's real. She's a busy, working mom just like the rest of us--working on that balance all mother's are striving to achieve! Check out her blog --to see how she balances it all and deals with her daily does of mom guilt.

Watch her interviews and she's just the sweetest, charming, TV personality I can only hope to be. :)  


Instagram: @erekav


Justine Santaniello - Lifestyle & Trend Expert

I first met Justine in person when she came through our Good Day New Mexico studio. I think she was highlighting wardrobe trave tips. She's a complete pro. Easy to interview, always showcasing great products and she has great advice and tips up on her blog justhaves. She's been a guest on Access Hollywood live,  The Wendy Williams Show, Good Day New York, lots of others--including us, Good Day New Mexico. ;)

Instagram: @justinesantaniello


I tell people if you want to be on TV and nail a great interview--do some research, watch interviews. Who do you like? Why do you like them? These 4 ladies are great examples of TV personalities!


Who's your favorite TV personality?


xo @caseymesser

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