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Fitness Goddess to Healthy Mama

{One Fit Mama!}


I came back from maternity leave in January 2015. One of our new clients on Good Day New Mexico was Fitshop. They provide one on one nutritional counseling. I got to interview Steph along with one of her happy and successful clients on their weight loss journey. Steph came in super cute. Super stylish. With her long dark hair and amazing bod--she's an inspiration to us all.

After a few months of Fitshop airing segments on Good Day our crew decided to take on the "Fitshop Challenge" --we named it ourselves. We were each matched with a coach and lucky me, mine was Steph!

Who hasn't struggled with weight issues? Whether you want to gain or lose weight we each have our own struggles. Steph really helped me change the ways I think about food. In high school it was all about low fat. I recall eating white rice or a bagel or a tortilla because it only contained 1 gram of fat. In college, it was counting carbs. At 19 I remember hearing about Atkins and literally everything I liked to consume had carbs! Everything! Steph has helped me understand carbs and how with the running I do, I need them. How many times have you had a salad for lunch but by 2 or 3pm you're starving? Steph, adding a carb with my protein and salad I stay full. I don't always listen--with a crazy day of filming it gets skipped at times. But it does work.

Steph is now a new mama herself balancing baby, work and working out. But she's doing it all. And she even made time for my Q&A :)



Name: Stephanie Denman

Hometown: Sacramento, California

Current Job and city: Fitshop, Albuquerque NM


Job description/duties: Health & Wellness coach, Sports Nutritionist, Competition Prep. I customize nutrition/exercise programs catered to my clients needs and goals!


What time do you wake up/go to bed? Usually up at 6am Bed time 10pm.


First job? I nannied for a little boy when I as 12 years old


First tv experience? As a child, me and my sisters did a martial arts segment for the local news. Does that count? ha ha


First job in television? Hawaii Five-0 stunt double


What was your dream job when you were a kid? I wanted to be a professional ice skater!


What first got you interested in a career nutrition/health? I've had a gym membership since I was 13, was always involved in sports and grew up with a mother who engrained healthy eating habits at a very very young age. I was the weird kid with healthy lunches and raisins were my "dessert"! I feel like it's in my blood!

Any mentors who guided you when you were first starting your career? Jessica Rinaldi - 4 time Fitness America Champion who I truly admired for not only her level of physical fitness but her desire to help others


Who do you admire or look up to in your career field? Lori Harder - Founder of the bliss project. Her natural ability to inspire and elevate everyone around her is amazing! Her views on life and how to find true health/happiness within resonates so deep with me!


Best advice you've been given? " Be You"


Worst advice someone gave you? Carbs make you FAT


Best part about your job? Seeing my clients succeed. Witnessing complete transformations from the inside out. Absolutely the MOST rewarding feeling.


Worst part about your job? People who want results immediately, but have absolutely no desire to put in any of the work it takes to succeed.



What do you enjoy doing outside of work? Spending time with my fiancé + 2 pups, wether that be traveling, dinners out or hanging out in sweat pants with a good movie. I just recently had a baby, he is my everything! I also love interior design, decorating, event planning, wine drinking....making things pretty. :)



Advice you would give to your younger self? I'd tell my younger self to not give a damn what others thought or worry so much about being judged by peers.


Would you recommend your line of work to others? If you have the desire to help others and strive to live a healthy driven lifestyle, totally!!


If you could look into a crystal ball where do you see your industry in the next 20 years? Hopefully less catered towards status, egos, fad diets, trophies and IG followers. I'd like to see more people in the fitness industry making a positive impact with their talents, empowering self confidence and TRULY practicing what this industry claims to preach.

Anything else you want to share? The scale determines your weight. Not your worth.


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