The latest tunes on my Playlist

Happy Friday! Seems fitting to feature a few songs I recently downloaded since Friday is reason enough to celebrate.

Don't you love how hearing a song is the ultimate walk down memory lane? You can hear a song you haven't heard in ages and instantly you're transported back to that moment. It takes you back to a crush or college or a night out with your bff. The power of a song.

Here's what's new on my playlist and forgive me, I must've been under a rock-- some have been out for ages!

Don't Leave by Snakeships and M0 - We recently got Alexa and this song played when asking for Top 40 hits. I'm always looking for new running music--excited to add this to my running playlist.

Slide by Calvin Harris featuring Frank Ocean and Migos - Slide came out in February.

Washing Dishes by Jack Johnson - Super late to the party with this one, released in 2013. Shazammed this and downloaded before a recent trip to LA. On that trip I got to catch up with a friend at dinner in Venice Beach. When I hear this song it takes me right back.

Lights Down Low by MAX - Get romantico! This song came out in October 2016. A good jam to play while getting ready for date night--a glass of wine in hand.

Sleep Without You by Brett Young - This one came out in 2016. But after doing a little homework prep for an upcoming interview with Brett, I previewed this song and then downloaded it. Good jam! And Brett was a sweetheart!

80's Mercedes by Maren Morris - I love this song! I also discovered after shazaming Alexa. Add it to your workout playlist!

What's new on your iPod? I seriously wanna know! xo Casey

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