Mean Girls Suck!

"Not everyone is going to love us. Go find somebody who does want to play with you and who appreciates what you do have to offer." -Sandra Bullock

One a week! That's been my goal for blogging. I keep a few in the works but this week I was struggling with what to post.


When it rains it truly pours! Last week was crazy! I had two auditions in the same day, Tuesday morning was asked to cover an event in NYC--(YES, of course!) booked the audition, filmed on Thursday and was told I would also be working Monday. So I needed a 6am flight back from New York City--only to find out I'm needed back the following Monday. Chaos! But I love it!


What I don't love...mean people. Especially mean girls. I feel for kids today. Thanks to social media, it's not just bullying in person anymore. It's worse.


My mom was telling me about a young girl in my hometown being picked on by a mean girl. I wish I could talk to all those out there being picked on. And I'd tell em--get through high school. Just stick it out. Find your ride or die, true friends because those are the ones who will stay by your side. After high school, guess what --if there's someone you don't like you don't have to hang out with them.


In college, it was completely refreshing walking into my college station where I was welcomed by the girls with open arms. It even took me aback. No cattiness. No mean girls. What a shock!


I have SiriusXM radio and I'm an avid Howard Stern fan! On the occasion when it's a repeat interview I'll check in on Dr. Laura-- I swear this woman sounds miserable but people love her advice. And her feedback resonated with me the other day. She said, teach your kids to stand up to the class bully because if more kids put the bully in their place we wouldn't have any. In a similar way like the show What Would You Do?--if you see something say something. Do the right thing.


That bully won't define you. And once you're out of school you won't have to give them a second thought.


So here's a few friends who were also picked on or had a bully and I think they turned out alright. ;)


Jason Carter - TV Host, Pitcrew RuPauls Drag Race  "I got called names like, "sissy" and "feminine" and the H word for years. It really tainted my view on self image. I was beat up at least twice and rejected from most social events in my early teens. But from all those experiences it also pushed me to grow my talents and really come to terms with who I was and wanted to be."

Stephanie Simmons- Traffic Reporter, CBS2   "Everyday freshman year I walked from one end of school to the other for another class. Two senior bullies walked behind a friend and I every single day and one day they pushed us up against the lockers and it had to be broken up."

Steve Patterson- TV Host, Twin Cities Live  "In collegeI was announcing a football game over the loud speaker. A few students came over and started relentlessly heckling me. A real bummer. To be heckled in the midst of hosting can be embarrassing and deflating and it can keep you from wanting to take a chance the next time. I pressed on. I pursued broadcasting. And now I'm a professional broadcaster. Pursue the good. Getting heckled hurts. But to stop doing what you love because of fear or intimidation hurts worse."

Christen Michel- Esthetian, created her own skincare line  "My toughest years were middle school. For some reason the harder I tried to fit in or the nicer I was, the meaner they got. Unfortunately moving around a few times made it hard to really get into the "cliques". Looking back, I'm glad I never made it in, because today I have nothing in common with those "popular" girls. I remember one day I was invited to the park after school by a bunch of girls, only to find out they were just luring me there to beat me up. Why? Who knows! I guess they just didn't like the shirt I chose that day! Luckily, some boys filled me in on the secret and I quickly called my mom from school for a ride home."

"Another time I went to school so excited about my new Guess shorts my mom bought me. They were peach color, super soft, and shorter than what I usually wore, but not too short by any means. As I walked to get my lunch a table of girls kept yelling "slut!" keep in mind I was 11 years old and had never even kissed a boy. So you can imagine my surprise when they felt the need to use a word like that towards me.
I still know who these girls are today and see them on social media, I don't hold these things against them and hope they are teaching their daughters to be better people."

ME- Casey Messer TV Host, Diret TV's The Screening Room & Good Day New Mexico   "On my car windshield I once had girls leave an old picture of my boyfriend with his ex and a note saying everyone knows but you. I'm not saying I was bullied. But most girls have dealt with a mean girl. Get through high school."


Heck! This comment was just sent to me the other week. People are always going to have an opinion. Listen to the constructive criticism that will help you improve and try to forget the bad.

Actor Aaron Paul is married to Lauren Paul and she too was picked on and it led her and her friend to start the non profit, Kind Campaign designed to help end girl on girl bullying.


A little kindness is contagious. You never know whose day you are brightening. And if you need help or someone to talk to its out there with open arms.


On another note, I wish I could say the mean girls end after high school. But they don't. Have you seen The Housewives on Bravo? The difference, past high school you don't have to be around them if you don't want to be. Instead of the principal it becomes the HR department.


Take a page out of Sandra Bullock's 2014 high school graduation speech. She says, "Not everyone is going to love us. Go find somebody who does want to play with you and who appreciates what you do have to offer."


And find your ride or die, a close, few friends in high school. True friends will always have your back. Thanks for always having mine in high school Summer & Dionna. xo

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  1. Green:
    May 01, 2017 at 11:08 PM

    Girls are mean. I don't understand it, nor am I good at countering it. My daughter is a little mean, she's 7. I didn't teach her this - she just is that way. She is mean to me. I can only try to teach her to be kind and considerate and think about what she says and how she says it.

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