Rompers--just in time for SPRING! And they're under $50!

I think it's safe to say most girls LOVE rompers. Maybe it dates back to our days as a I find myself sometimes referring to them as an adult onesie. And we do love them--until you have to pee!  Ha!

Even my tall girlfriends say, "YES!" --they love a romper. If you can find the right one, they are actually quite comfortable. So here are a few tips to keep in mind when trying to find the correct fitting romper. Don't make my mistakes.


With online shopping, apps & free shipping--lets just say I might need to attend a meeting for, "Online Shoppers Anonymous" -eeeee!  "Hi, I'm Casey and I'm an online shopaholic."  

I purchased this orange romper from Nordstrom--the plunging neck and the great color drew me in! It fits--but it is a little short, WEDGIE alert. But feel confidant buying from Nordstrom --you can make returns ANY time! They're awesome. If you're in store trying on a romper, don't fall in love with it by simply looking in the mirror. Sit down while wearing it. Make sure it's comfy. You definitely don't want a wedgie. You want it to be something you can wear for hours at a time.


I still love this one. It's very boob-ey! But when they're B's not D's you can get away with it! This is definitely a romper for smaller chested girls--but with some good Hollywood Tape or a lace bralette you'd be fine. And this is probably not the best romper for you if you have a long torso.


This little romper is from H&M and despite being strapless, thanks to great structure and wire--it's not one I have to keep pulling up on. 

Again--do the sit test! Make sure you can sit comfortably in your romper! And walk around. Too many times I've tried something on but I didn't do the test.

Some romper faves:

I hate shopping at Target. -Said no one ever! Sure you might be a little upset when you pop in the store and 100 bucks later you're leaving wtih 2 little bags. A few items can add up quick! After a quick Target shopping trip this was me. It seems to be the trend when it comes to shopping. Either you are cleaning up--you're not really looking for anything and yet everything fits--so ya gotta have it. Or you really are needed to shop and find a certain item and you can't. 

The good news with my Target overhaul, it's usually good quality at a decent price. All 3 of these rompers are und $33! 


This black floral option is lightweight and comfy! $29.99



 LOVE this Tie Front Denim Romper! It's only $22.99!

And this Belted Ruffle Romper- Who What Wear, so comfy and it's only $32.99

I hate to pack! I always forget something. But all three of these are perfect for travel this summer!  You don't have to think about packing outfits--just throw em in and you're ready to go! I took all three on a quick weekend trip and it made packing so much easier!  


Nordstrom:  O'Neill Brenda Romper



Nordstrom: Ladder Stitch Lace Romper --Ok it's not under $50 bucks but it's on SALE for $55.80 and the sizing at Missguided runs small! Size up! But I thought this one was too cute not to share.




Dondi Navy Blue Print Romper


LuLus: Pull Me Closer Black Striped Romper 

LuLus: Playsuit My Fancy Black Romper LuLus (this really is the name!)

What ROMPERS do you love for Spring? 


xo Casey


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