Simple Cleansing Micellar Water

Clean your face! After TV makeup all week...I'm done! Clean if off!

I am always up for trying new products especially if there's a chance they're going to work and if they're affordable-- double bonus. I kept seeing lots of advertising for cleansing waters and so I thought I needed to check them out. Apparently, French women don't use soap. Instead cleansing water.

I purchased one made by Simple. No harsh chemicals and no artificial perfume or dyes--and it was cheap. Around $8. It's amazing! It doesn't sting my face. It truly feels like water. And it removes all my makeup. It's wonderful!

I even found myself taking it a step further and removing a makeup stain from my couch cushion.  My 2 year old got into some of my black eyeliner and got it on the couch. I was scared to use a stain remover-- not wanting to make it worse on the couch cushion. So I tried using the simple water....worked like a charm!

It's great having a product I can feel good about using on my face. I know it works. And it's affordable!

Check out their makeup wipes too. They come in a variety of  packs depending on your skin type. Is there a product you love? I'd love to hear all about it!


xo @caseymesser

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