Meet Gadi Schwartz

The Anderson Cooper of the West Coast--who might be the sweetest investigative reporter you meet! -college buddies Oscar, Casey & Gadi

{National NBC Correspondent, adventure Seeker, would go rafting everyday if he could!}


If you watch national news there's a good chance you've already seen my good friend, Gadi Schwartz, covering the latest national story for NBC. And most recently Rio for the 2016 Olympic Games. But let's back up to our college days at New Mexico State University.

I was a Journalism Mass Communications major and Gadi had just changed his major to Journalism as well. We had a couple of classes together and were both working at KRWG News22, our live half hour newscast--all ran by college students--from the anchors and weather to cameras and audio. That fall I was given the chance to anchor at the news desk. I remember Gadi enthusiastically asking me, "That was your first night of anchoring?" I said, "It was." From that moment on he was always in my corner. And I in his. 


 Of course Gadi also started anchoring in college but his enjoyment came from chasing the story! He preferred to be out and about finding and uncovering news stories. After graduating from NMSU he immediately landed a job with KOB in Albuquerque. Typically, you start in a smaller market and work your way up but Gadi--the rockstar that he is started in a top 50 market. After a few years in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, KNBC Los Angeles came knockin. Gadi was a shoe in! I'm just a little upset with him--I started hosting Good Day New Mexico on KOB the same month he left KOB for LA. Sad face. But all I have to do is turn on NBC and I can catch him!







Name: Gadi Schwartz

Hometown: Albuquerque

Current Job and city: Correspondent NBC News Los Angeles, CA

Job description/duties: Go wherever the news takes me!


What time do you wake up/go to bed? I hated naps and bed time as a kid...So now I'm being punished! Every day is different, sometimes 7am, sometimes 3am!


First job? Ice cream scooper at tastee freeze!


First tv experience? Editing videos for my Dad at Univision when he would take me to work as a kid!

First job in television? I did some really bad commercials in Spanish for planet fun!


What was your dream job when you were a kid? I loved this show called The Pretender where in every episode the main character had to master a new profession. I loved that idea!


What first got you interested in a career in tv/news/broadcast? I helped on a documentary about a migrant family who crossed the border every year to pick beets in Colorado. We followed their journey from Oaxaca, Mexico to the US and experiencing their story first hand changed my life.

Favorite interview? Too many to list!!! I really miss a girl we profiled with Cancer named Karleen Zetina. She was an angel who wanted to graduate in her last year in life and we were blessed to have shared her story.


Most awkward interview?  I feel like in New Mexico, I had way too many awkward interviews to count. For a few years working as an investigator for KOB almost every interview we did was with those who were trying their hardest to avoid us. We would camp out in front of a corrupt sheriffs headquarters for days, chase around politicians trying to give us the slip and confront people scamming others on a pretty regular basis.

One of the most memorable moments of pure awkwardness had to be when we busted some parking attendants booting peoples cars in front of UNM. The company would boot the cars and turn around to charge cash on the spot to take the boots off. But their problem was the signs notifying people of the boots were too small according to the city ordinance!!! So naturally, we printed a huge sign of the ordinance that was the right dimension and showed up as they tried to boot people. We asked them why a company that made it’s money on being sticklers for the rules… hadn’t been following the rules!" Things got heated, some guy tried to fight me, someone else called the cops, the booters realized they were wrong, gave some refunds and we saved a student from being shaken down for 65 bucks!:)


Any mentors who guided you when you were first starting your career?  Tom Joles and Stuart Dyson from KOB and an incredible photographer/professor named John Goheen were huge influences as I learned the ropes of TV News…. But I would have to say, NBC’s Janet Shamlian is my absolute favorite.

Not only is she an amazing correspondent, she is also an incredible mom of 5 kids, who no matter where she is in the world... always seems to be checking flights to see exactly how she can get back for a soccer game, or a practice or some one on one time with her children. She is the epitome of a well rounded journalist! Tough, tenacious and adventurous when a story calls for it but always with a genuine warmth and empathy that can change lives and extend well beyond what you see on TV.

She changed my life in 2013 while covering the search of the Forrest Fenn treasure. I had worked the story about the hidden cache of 2 million dollars worth of gold and jewels for KOB. Had even gone out to Yellowstone to search bear caves before Forrest straight up told me I would find anything but certain death messing with grizzlies! So a few months later, when Janet came into town to do a spot about his treasure for the TODAY Show, Forrest invited me to lunch. I had no idea she would be there and was starstruck and probably very tongue tied by the woman I had seen cover so many of New Mexico’s biggest stories for NBC News. After lunch, she took me aside and said she had a feeling about my career and told me I should consider a future as a correspondent. Low and behold, a few weeks later NBC News called saying someone had put me on their radar and within the year, I was in Los Angeles on my way to my dream job with NBC! Why Janet decided to take a chance on a kid from NM beats me… But I am grateful everyday!


Who do you admire or look up to in your career field? Pretty much everyone at NBC!


Best advice you've been given? There is no such thing as good writing...Only good rewriting!


Worst advice someone gave you? Drop out of news, you don't have what it takes!


Best part about your job? Experiencing something different every day!


Worst part about your job? Not seeing my family as much as I like!


What do you enjoy doing outside of work? Anything involving mountains or rivers or seas!



              Gadi jeepin with his love, Kimi! 


Advice you would give to your younger self? Pay more attention in English class!


Would you recommend your line of work to others? Yes! Society desperately needs committed journalists


If you could look into a crystal ball where do you see your industry in the next 20 years? Hopefully striking a societal balance between information we want to know with information we need to know!


Anything else you want to share? Casey Messer is the best!


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