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My skin is far from perfect--I still struggle with acne and scarring! Christen Michel -Chemical free products help!

Get your GLOW on with the owner of Christen Michel Skin Care--Chemical FREE Zone!

You can meet friends anywhere and now thanks to social media "internet friends" have to be on the rise. So this is how Christen and I "met".

Breaking Bad finally put New Mexico on the map. Even as a kid I remember traveling and people had no clue about New Mexico. Thanks to a show about meth, we have arrived. Aaron Paul spent years in Albuquerque filming Breaking Bad and somehow online I came across his wife, Lauren Paul's, non profit, Kind Campaign. Helping to stop and prevent girl on girl bullying.

When I began hosting for Good Day New Mexico I thought Lauren and her campaign would be a great fit for an interview on the show. Sadly it never happened. But instead, Christen Michel got in touch with me. She was teamed up with Kind Campaign. When you purchased one of her products proceeds would go directly to Lauren Paul's Kind Campaign.

Christen and I stay in touch every few months via email. She has sent me numerous products from her skincare line, Christen Michel--it's AMAZING! And she's made various TV appearances herself! You can find all her services and products here: 


Name: Christen Michel

Hometown: St. Louis, MO

Current Job and city: Founder & CEO Christen Michel Cosmetics & Complexion Studio


Job description/duties:

By trade, I am an Esthetician. In my complexion studio I do skin care treatments and for my skin care line I oversee all marketing and branding


What time do you wake up/go to bed?

Wake up at 5am, go to bed at 10pm


First job?

The snack bar at the local bowling alley, 14 years old!


First tv experience?

6 months after launching my line, You & Me Chicago invited me to be a beauty guest on their morning show.


First job related to your field?

Sales assistant for another skin care line called RX Systems


What was your dream job when you were a kid?

I wanted to be a model...and then a teacher :)


What first got you interested in a career in skincare?

I began "making" lotions and potions around age 5. I would see all of the beauty routines on my mom's soap operas and thought it was so glamorous!


Favorite interview? My very first live tv interview will always have my heart. It opened up a brand new world for me and changed everything for my career.


Most awkward interview?

I did an interview for a small cable station in Chicago, when I got to the address it was a "station"/apartment. It was so awkward. There was also a language barrier between the host and I, I still have not seen the interview!


Any mentors who guided you when you were first starting your career?

Any hard working entrepreneur that I would meet was a mentor. I am so intrigued and inspired by the success of others. But I will admit, I would peak around on other skin care experts such as Kate Sommervile to see what they were doing.


Who do you admire or look up to in your career field?
I really admire Jessica Alba and her company, The Honest Company. Most celebs use their beauty lines as a side job or hobby, but she puts a lot of heart into that company and I really love that.


Best advice you've been given?
I almost got cold feet before launching my line, and my good friend said to me "You just have to jump and build your wings on the way down, don't be so scared!" She was right!


Worst advice someone gave you?

I always hate when someones says, "You need to spend money to make money". I think that is a lame way of thinking. That's why most startups fail in the first 5 years, overspending.


Best part about your job?
The joy the happy customers bring to me. I love seeing their results!


Worst part about your job?
That its a 24/7 position. No vacation!


Any mentors who guided you when you were first starting your career?
I reached out to every self employeed friend I knew! I had a list of about 15 people I was asking questions to on a daily basis.


What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
Running and interior decorating. I love DIY home projects.


Advice you would give to your younger self?
I wish I would have realized that all of the problems I thought I was having would have nothing to do with the best chapter in my life. All of the drama, stress, etc. was just a waste of time and meant nothing to my future self.


Would you recommend your line of work to others?
Absolutely! Beauty is a booming industry.


If you could look into a crystal ball where do you see your industry in the next 20 years?

I see some serious breakthroughs happening. In fact, I recently became part of one that is about to happen. I'm excited to share more about that soon!


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