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Werk Werk Werk! Find something you love to do and find a way to make money at!

Love What You Do!





For as long as I can remember my parents told me, "Find something you love to do and find a way to make a living at it." At a very young age I took this to heart. I can remember making up 50-60 hand written business cards as a kid. I was willing to rake leaves, polish silver, untangle your jewelry--I was your go to for whatever job or project you needed done. I wanted to work! Someone check Alaskan Child Labor Laws!


Any time I hear a great success story I usually follow it up with, "What do they do?" I love hearing stories on how people got started in their careers. They have careers not jobs. Like Chris Rock says, "When you have a career there aren't enough hours in the day. When you have a job--time can't pass fast enough!" Get a career.



And so began the idea for blogging. I'd always wanted to start a blog. But what would I blog about that hasn't already been done by one of the other million bloggers? I love bargain shopping and running but type those into  Pinterest and boom--thousands of articles from bloggers who have been doing this for years!

 So back to the question I love asking, "What do they do?" In January 2016, I began emailing friends in television asking them to fill out a Q&A.  I love hearing how others got their start in television. How did they do it? Who helped them along the way? It's a different path for everyone and I'm excited to share TV careers and many others as the Q&A's come back from fellow friends in the biz.

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