Meet Amy Danoff

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Name: Amy Danoff
Hometown: Savage, MN
Occupation: Project Manager


Describe your sense of style.
I think my style at this point in my life is about…

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Why you NEED Box of Style by The Zoe Report! Hurry before it's gone!

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A hat, kimono, sunglasses, a necklace, lipstick and sunscreen.....items valued at $400--for just $99!

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Heck of a DEAL!

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I was SO happy when I found these! Keeping up with some of my favorite bloggers--I was tempted to purchase the large matted frames from

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Meet Stephanie Denman

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{One Fit Mama!}

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Get organized today!

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ARE YOU A NEAT FREAK OR A HOT MESS? OR SOMEWHERE IN BETWEEN? See how this husband and wife make it work.

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One of the perks of hosting a morning lifestyle show like Good Day New Mexico--ALL the amazing people you meet and interview. I wanted to highlight some of my fave!

First, what makes for a great interview? Because with the good comes the bad and the terribly awkward. I say it all the time--don't send me the President and…

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Why do my feet hurt?! Never again!

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I think about some of the heels I used to wear in my 20's--never again! If I'm wearing a high heel or a wedge it absolutely has to be comfy!

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Don't Give me the COLD Shoulder--unless it's a cute TOP!

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Cold shoulder tops are everywhere! You can't get on Instagram without seeing one from your favorite fashion bloggers! And they're a nice way to show a little sex appeal without being too sexy. Ya always want to border on that line between classy-sexy. And these tops do it!

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The latest tunes on my Playlist

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Mean Girls Suck!

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"Not everyone is going to love us. Go find somebody who does want to play with you and who appreciates what you do have to offer." -Sandra Bullock

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